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The Course


A self paced online course to help you learn about your body and what changes have happened, but most importantly to teach you what you can do to promote your long term health and well being.

  • Educational videos about your body through pregnancy and birth.

  • Learn how your pelvic floor, abdominals and breath connect to your whole body.

  • My 4 stage rehab approach from pelvic health novice to expert

  • Exercise classes to put all the principles into practice.

  • Quizzes to check where you are at in your journey.

1:1 Coaching


If you feel you need your postnatal rehab completely tailored to you because of specific injuries or symptoms, such as leaking, diastasis or prolapse, then let me guide you back to a full life with a bespoke programme.

  • Bespoke rehab exercise programme

  • Monthly coaching calls

  • Ongoing WhatsApp support 

  • Library of classes and resources


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